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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we use our own products
Where appropriate we do use our own products.
Do we do on-site demonstrations
In general we don't do on-site demonstrations, we believe that it is better for you to decide on using our products based on your own evaluation, not a sales demonstration telling you it would be suitable, to that end we offer trial versions of all our products.
What are the limitations of our trial versions
There are no functional limitations in the trial versions of our software. The trial is based entirely on time, the exact time limit for a trial version differs from 14 days to 4 months depending on the product.
Do you do custom software
Yes we do. We can create bespoke desktop and web applications to suit your business needs. Use our Contact Form to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding custom software development.
Why don't page numbers show up in the Data Dictionary TOC
When you open an RTF document in MS Word it doesn't automatically update the fields with the page numbers in the Table Of Contents (TOC). To display the page numbers you need to press Ctrl+A then F9 this will select all the document and F9 forces MS Word to update the page number fields in the TOC.